France has been a world leader in science, arts and culture for centuries – more tourists visit France annually than any other country on earth, drawn to its magnificent cities, superb countryside and world-renowned dining.

But France is more than just a great holiday destination. The country has the third largest economy in the EU, and the sixth largest in the world by nominal figures. The country is home to 31 of the world’s largest 500 companies. France is a leading power in the European Union and a member of the Group of Seven. The headquarters of the OECD are located in Paris and France has a permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

The French economy is the world’s seventh largest by nominal GDP, and the tenth largest by PPP. Financial services, insurance and banking are key sectors of the economy. France is one of the most innovative countries on earth – and a world leader in scientific industries. Other key sectors include aerospace, chemicals, electronics and textiles.

HLB France is the French network of member firms of HLB International, with six firms covering almost the entire country. HLB France provides first-rate consulting services for domestic and foreign clients alike.

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