Indirect tax compliance for e-commerce businesses

In 2017, 1.66 billion people made online purchases and e-retail sales amounted $2.3 trillion world-wide. Projections show this amount will grow up to $ 4.48 billion by 2021. It’s clear that companies around the world are increasingly seizing the opportunities of the internet to sell their goods to new consumer bases in markets far beyond their home countries. But with new opportunities also come new challenges. As an online seller, it is important you meet your indirect tax obligations as part of the sales process. When using fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) an obligation to register for indirect tax locally can be created. HLB has developed a cutting-edge solution called amavat® to help you guide through this process.

Using amavat®, we offer indirect tax compliance services in many countries. Through our global network of tax experts, we offer one point of contact in each country for online sellers with multiple indirect tax registration. Our goal is to limit the commercial impact of distance selling regulations on your business, while ensuring you remain fully compliant.

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