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In today’s globalised world more goods and services are crossing international borders than ever before, due to an increasing international customer base or complex supply chain. As a result, you may be facing indirect tax obligations in multiple countries. In some cases, even in the countries your customers are based in. A lack of visibility and control around indirect tax compliance can cause late filings, late payments of VAT/GST, late registration and incorrect postings on returns, causing increased cost of compliance and the risk of financial penalties. HLB’s global team of indirect tax experts can help you stay on top of your indirect tax obligations and  comply with regulations across the jurisdiction you do business in.

What we offer

HLB’s Indirect Tax services team consists of tax experts across the many countries we operate in. Whether your project is international, regional or domestic, we match the right people in the required jurisdiction, to make-up the best team for your business needs. We provide tailored indirect tax services including:

  • Identifying where transactions are taxed
  • Provide indirect tax advice on your everyday operations
  • Registration of local indirect tax in countries where taxable transactions are undertaken
  • Preparation and filing of indirect tax returns
  • Advisory services against authorities including the filing of lawsuits
  • Refunds of applications for non‐registered entrepreneurs
  • Training of staff

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