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HLB Digital is ready to offer advanced and tailored fit management security services to clients of all sizes across several industries such as Government, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Manufacturing among others. From our ISO27001-certified Security Operations Centre, we offer domestic and international clients advanced and tailored services. Our Managed Security services include to following:


Internal Audits

Our Standards Compliance Audits include security audits against information security standards and best practices, such as Gap Analysis against the requirements of ISO27001, PCI DSS etc.


Threat Intelligence

We help organisations gain the required intelligence through a combination of services, choice of technology and acquisition of raw data, in order to achieve the right balance. OpenIntel is our Cyber Threat Intelligence platform aimed at national CERTs and regulatory authorities for the monitoring of national threats across different business domains and for measuring a country’s national cyber threat level. By default, OpenIntel contains millions of indicators from across best practice opensource feeds, which are regularly reviewed and integrated into the platform. Currently, over 100 opensource feeds are supported. In addition to that, OpenIntel users can benefit from the ability to integrate third party feeds using the platforms’ feeds parser.


Technology Management & Support

HLB Digital provides value-dded security systems integration through specialising in the deployment and integration of a range of security controls such as WAFs, DAMs, SIEMs as well as data classification and DLP solutions.


Security Awareness

We offer security awareness training services through developing security awareness materials, coursework and workshops. Active security awareness assessment is done through active testing. Examples include sending phishing emails, performing social engineering attacks and other cyber-attack scenarios.


Managed Security Processes

Our SOC processes ensure that each process is fully documented and supported with the required resources and managed by the appropriate personnel. Furthermore, each process undergoes planned internal audits and third-party audits as part of the ISO27001 certification maintenance process. HLB Digital SOC processes are divided into the following categories:

  • Support: Support processes include the management of support requests by the client and communication.
  • Incident Response: Processes in this category relate to the way the SOC staff responds to different types of security incidents and the associate communication and escalation procedure.
  • Security Monitoring: Processes in this category relate to the review of security events across a range of technologies and applications.
  • Technology Management: Processes in this category relate to the specific technologies being used and/or supported by the SOC including deployment, configuration, troubleshooting, etc.

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