Simulating cyber-attacks or information security incidents can test your organisation’s cyber capabilities: from detecting a security incident to responding appropriately and minimising the impact to your organisation. CyberDrills services include:

Assessment of Incident Response Capabilities

This service involves hands-on training on our CYBER RANGES platform. We show you how cyber-attacks are carried out and familiarise you with different Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) commonly used by cyber criminals. The objective of this service is to help our clients gain a better understanding of how cyber-attacks are carried out to better understand how to detect security incidents and breaches to an organisation’s ICT infrastructure.


Assessment of Cyber Resilience

This service includes the delivery of the CyberDrill where a number of pre-defined security incidents are simulated to assess the ability of the organisation to respond. The CyberDrill combines the execution of both hands-on real attacks’ simulations and tabletop injections, allowing the possibility to assess the readiness level organisation from both the technical and process viewpoints. With this service, we help clients understand their level of readiness to respond to cyber security breaches.

National CyberDrills

We collaborate with national regulatory authorities and national CERTs to deliver national cybersecurity competitions through our Cyberstars initiatives using our CYBER RANGES Platform. With the National CyberDrills service, we help national CERTs with gauging their readiness level to respond to cyber security incidents in their respective countries. For over  five years, we have collaborated with the ITU (International Telecommunication Union; an agency of the United Nations responsible for all matters related to information and communication technologies) to deliver CyberDrills to several National CERTs across South and North America, Middle East and Africa.

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