The Execution Challenge for a New Decade

HLB Inaugural Survey of Business Leaders

expect global economic growth to decline 46% cite economic uncertainty as top concern 68% confident in own ability to grow 87% see changes in trade agreements create opportunity 49%

Reasons to be confident, reasons to be wary

At the dawn of a new decade, we find half of the business leaders we surveyed pessimistic about the global economy, with factors including access to talent, regulatory chance and economic uncertainty topping their list of concerns. At the same time, business leaders seem strikingly confident about their own ability to grow their business.

In a time where political, economic, social and technological change is happening at accelerating speed, we found that business leaders understand the make-up of the successful business models of the future. However, are they doing enough to execute for the change that is needed to thrive in the 2020’s or is their speed of adaptation too slow?

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Key Findings

Lesley Hornung

Head of Marketing & Digital


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