The Republic of Tunisia is situated in north Africa, bordered to the north and east by the Mediterranean Sea. The country shares land borders with Algeria and Libya.

The traditional mainstays of the Tunisian economy are agriculture, oil, phosphates and car parts.

Services account for approximately 64% of GDP, and Tunisia’s dynamic ICT sector is booming. Tourism has suffered in recent years as a result of major terrorist attacks in 2015, but has begun to recover.

Industry accounts for around 23% of GDP. In recent years, mechanical and electrical engineering, plastics and textiles industries have demonstrated robust growth. Agricultural output has increased, owing to the introduction of updated farming technologies.

The government has taken steps to promote growth – reforming the tax system with a view to increasing revenues and introducing a number of measures to curb debt.

France, Italy, Germany and Algeria are the country’s main export partners. The country signed an Association Agreement with the European Union in 1996. The agreement removed all trade barriers and tariffs on a number of goods.

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