Home to only an eleventh of Yugoslavia’s population, Slovenia accounted for a fifth of Yugoslavia’s GDP and a third of its exports. Around a tenth of the size of the UK, 2.1 million people live in this tiny country at the heart of Europe.

Slovenia’s infrastructure is excellent, and the country is located at a key crossroads for transportation – sharing borders with Austria, Italy, Croatia and Hungary. 

Since becoming independent in 1991, Slovenia has worked hard to integrate its economy with those of Western Europe. Slovenia joined the European Union in 2004, and adopted the Euro in 2007.

Slovenia’s chief exports include machinery and transport equipment. The country specialises in middle to high-tech manufacturing – primarily electronics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Agriculture, traditionally Slovenia’s most important industry, is declining, and accounts for 5% of GDP.

Services account for around two-thirds of Slovenia’s GDP and are growing, especially retail, information technology and financial services. In addition, Slovenia’s tourist industry is developing quickly. Slovenia offers visitors elegant cities – including its beautiful capital, Ljubljana – and some of the finest ski slopes in Eastern Europe.

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