HLB launches its strategy to help shape a shared future

18 December 2019

LONDON – The 12th largest global network of independent advisory and accounting firms has laid out a detailed plan for future growth driven by strategic investments in technology, innovation and talent.

HLB today announced its strategic vision for 2023 underpinned by an accelerated pace of change due to the wave of technological innovation changing the way people and businesses interact with each other.

Commenting on the strategy, Marco Donzelli, HLB’s Global CEO, says: “In today’s transformative times, organisations are having to redefine the way they work. For HLB, our entrepreneurial culture allows us to continuously adapt to change and be agile in a fast-moving world and that is reflected in our 2023 strategy. Designed to create more value for clients; afford greater learning opportunities for our people and deliver a positive impact on communities, our focus is on creating an organisation that is future-proof. The investments we are making today will create a lasting impact on generations to come.”

Futureproofing HLB
HLB is launching a significant investment programme focused on harnessing transformative technologies such as AI, advanced automation, cybersecurity, blockchain, robotics and digital transformation to drive innovation, client experience, productivity, quality and growth.


Whilst data and predictive analytics are driving efficiencies across tax, auditing and advisory, HLB is also investing in proprietary methodologies and algorithmic capabilities.. The new strategy is a guide to preparing for the transformative times ahead with the dual engines of technology and innovation. HLB is embedding technological innovation into our organisational DNA by building a broader set of digital skills within our workforce and placing innovation at the heart of our culture. HLB will be a digital leader and firmly at the forefront of paradigm shifts in technological innovation to drive growth and help our clients navigate the ever-evolving landscape of business.

Diversifying our service offering
By 2023, HLB aims to accelerate the diversification of its offering through the expansion of its advisory suite of services, to create more value for our clients across the globe and across key industries.

Whilst audit and tax continue to grow and remain a significant part of our business, advisory services have enjoyed a stellar growth rate of 85% in the past year. We have and will continue to provide business insight, sector-specific knowledge combined with emerging technology solutions to deliver real value to client’s needs.

Transforming talent with lifelong learning
With 30,000 employees across the globe, HLB has placed people and innovation at the heart of its new strategy. We have outlined our focus on equipping our people with the skills required to continue to flourish in the future. With 750 offices across 150 countries, we recognise that our biggest challenge is to upskill our talent in an age of disruptive technologies. We are also recruiting people today with the requisite skill sets to work with emerging technologies and share best practice for tomorrow.

“The impact of globalisation and technology on modern businesses gives all kind of opportunities.” Corney Versteden, HLB’s Global Chairman explains: “It also has forever changed how people do business. But for us at HLB, what has not changed and will not change is the way we work together. We foster a spirit of collaboration and challenging the status quo – all of which is at the heart of our new strategy and we will continue to champion the level of excellence that has seen us become one of the fastest growing networks in recent years.”

About HLB

HLB International is a global network of independent advisory and accounting firms and through the power of 40,831 professionals across 156 countries, we combine local expertise and global capabilities to service client’s needs. Learn more about HLB’s global services and capabilities: www.hlb.global

HLB refers to the HLB International network and/or one or more of its member firms, each of which is a separate legal entity. Please see www.hlb.global/legal for further details.

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