South Sudan

The youngest nation in the world, the Republic of South Sudan became independent from the Republic of Sudan in 2011.

There is much potential for growth in South Sudan. South Sudan exports timber, and there are substantial proven reserves of iron ore, zinc, gold and limestone. The country has the third largest oil reserves in sub-Saharan Africa, and oil accounts for around 98% of government revenues.

The vast majority of South Sudanese are engaged in subsistence agriculture. Agriculture has suffered as a consequence of the oil industry’s growth, and the country is reliant on food imports from neighbouring states. The government is seeking foreign investment in agriculture, and a number of foreign firms are active in the sector.

Telecommunications are in their infancy, though the government has begun to install fibre-optic cable.

HLB South Sudan is based in Juba and provides services in audit, accounting and tax since 2007. Our team has experience working with an array of clients, including NGOs, microfinance institutions and private investors.

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