The westernmost nation in the Arab world, Morocco’s name is derived from an Arabic word meaning ‘the place of the sunset’. With only the Atlantic Ocean to its west, the Mediterranean sea to the north, The Kingdom Morocco shares a land border with Algeria to the east.

Arabic is the country’s official language, though French is widely spoken. Morocco plays an important political role in African affairs, and is the fifth largest economy in the continent by GDP.

Morocco has undergone extensive liberalisation since 1993. One of the most dynamic economies in Africa, the IMF has described Morocco as ‘a pillar of development in the region’.

With its beautiful coastline, warn climate and ancient culture, Morocco is a popular tourist destination – and the industry plays an important role in the Moroccan economy. Industry and mining account for around a third of Moroccan GDP. Agriculture, the traditional mainstay of the Moroccan economy, today accounts for around 15% of national GDP. The country’s manufacturing sector has grown rapidly in recent years, and today employs 40% of the industrial workforce. Clothing and textiles are important sectors of the manufacturing sector.

The Moroccan government has consistently won praise for its effective economic management – investors will find a dynamic economy open to foreign investment.

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