British Virgin Islands

East of Puerto Rico and west of Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands consists of some 60 islands ‐ the largest of which, Tortola, is home to around 23,500 of the Islands’ 32,000 people. 

The BVI boasts one of the strongest economies in the Caribbean, and the world’s 19th highest GDP per capita. The Territory is well regarded for its business‐friendly taxation policies, strong rule of law and regulatory environment. Around 60% of the BVI’s workforce are employed in the service sector. 

Finance – especially the registration of offshore companies – contributes over half of the BVI’s GDP. The BVI has worked hard to overcome the label of ‘tax haven’, and have made a series of commitments to record owner information. 

With their white, sandy beaches and sunny climate, it’s no surprise that the Islands are popular with holidaymakers, and tourism contributes around 45% of GDP. Of the 800,000 who visit annually, over half are passengers of cruise ships. Sailing, important to the islands’ culture, is another lucrative money‐spinner. 

With its strict control policies and modern legislation, the BVI offers investors a secure yet flexible finance location.  

For both foreign and domestic clients, HLB is able to offer world class assistance in the fields of accounting, consultancy, auditing, and trusts and company administration across the BVI and beyond.

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