The second largest economy in South America, Argentina is a member of the G20, WTO, Mercosur, and Unasur. Hit by economic crisis in the late nineties and early noughties, Argentina’s economy is currently on the up, and the country and has much to offer investors. Argentina boasts a large and well qualified workforce, and is home to considerable natural resources, especially oil, gas and copper.

Argentina is a major agricultural producer, and one of the world’s foremost exporters of beef, citrus fruit and grapes. Argentine wines are developing an international reputation, and the country’s wine industry is growing in importance economically.

Argentina’s industrial sector is diverse and makes an important contribution to the national economy. Key manufacturing sectors include food processing, vehicles and car parts, oil refining and chemicals.

The service sector accounts for around 60% of national GDP. The Argentine government has adopted a series of business-friendly policies, and investors are starting to return to the country. The government is especially keen to attract investment in transport, energy, agribusiness, telecoms and tourism.

With over 100 professionals, HLB in Argentina offers its clients services with the highest efficiency and specialisation.

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