Technical Security Assessments

To ensure the security of your data and systems used to manage and share information, HLB offers a range of technical security assessments. These assessments are designed to identify vulnerabilities in your security set-up and help you protect your organisation from data breaches. There are several assessments we offer our clients:

Vulnerability Assessment

Our HLB Digital team has years of experience in delivering bespoke assessments for clients across different industries. Combined with the expertise of our consultants, we have developed a comprehensive security assessment methodology in compliance with international best practice. Our Vulnerability Assessment process evaluates your systems susceptibility to any vulnerability, assigns severity levels to these vulnerabilities and gives comprehensive recommendations for remediating and mitigating the identified risks from being exploited.


Penetration Testing

With our comprehensive methodology, HLB certified consultants deliver an intrusive type of assessment which simulates an attack by a malicious hacker in a controlled environment to identify your organisation’s vulnerabilities. In addition, our team provides recommendations for the remediation of the identified vulnerabilities. HLB’s Penetration Testing Methodology includes a number of Security Assessment Modules catering for specific needs, both internal and external.

Source Code Review

Following the guiding principles of international best practice, HLB Digital experts review source code and ensure that clients systems are not susceptible to vulnerabilities originating from code malfunctioning.

Red Team Exercises

With our red team assessment, we will test your security against real-world attacks by simulating an external malicious hacker to test the efficiency and resiliency of your information security controls and identify the areas of improvement within your organisations information security program.

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