Bordered by the Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg and France, Belgium’s superb location has made it an economic and urban nerve centre of Europe. The country has a population of around 11.5 million – of whom around 6.4 million speak French, and 4.1 million speak Flemish.  
Belgium’s location is unparalleled for commercial, distributive and administrative management in Europe. Key strategic positioning and unlimited access are why Belgium has been chosen as the headquarters for the European Union, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, and over 1,400 international non-governmental organisations.  
Belgium was the first continental European country to undergo industrialisation. While engineering, metalworks and vehicle assembly remain important to the country’s economy, today services account for around three-quarters of Belgium’s GDP. 
Belgium adopted the Euro in 2002. The country has an open economy and a pro-market government offering financial incentives to foreign investors. These factors, coupled with a skilled, multilingual workforce make it an attractive base for companies active in European markets 
HLB Belgium offers first-rate services for investors looking to do business in Belgium. Branch offices are found in Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Kortrijk and Liege. HLB Belgium is formed by HLB Dodemont – Van Impe & Co, HLB Luc De Puysseleyr, HLB Sefico and HLB Antwerp Fiducia.
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