Active in Japan in the 1980s, and based in Tokyo, HLB Japan has a wealth of experience in providing accountancy and advisory services to domestic and foreign clients.

HLB Japan

Our corporate and individual clients are drawn from a wide range of businesses, such as manufacturing, finance and construction, and their size varies from large multinational firms, to an array of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

HLB Japan prides itself in providing its clients with a world-class tax-advisory service. Our team can assist your business with complex issues, such as corporate recovery and reorganisation, as well as providing solutions for more everyday tax issues.

Our accounting team offers clients a comprehensive range of services. We modify accounting data to various reporting formats, reflecting clients’ needs. In addition, we maintain general ledgers and trial balance sheets. We can assist your business with all corporate and individual tax requirements.

Our auditors can prepare financial statements and business reports. We prepare annual reports, and when working with foreign corporations, can prepare management reports to be submitted to the parent company in their home country.

The decisions we take are always based on our unique experience and in-depth industry know-how.
Whoever we work for, our work always reflects the unique requirements of our clients. Our experienced, English-speaking staff are ready to advise you on corporate and financial matters, estate planning, and patents – everything you needs to do business in Japan.




Address: Daiwa Bld. 5F 4-2-16
Nihonbashi Hongokucho Chuo-kuTokyo - Audit 103-0021 Japan, Japan
Telephone Number: +81 3 3548 2031


Takano Sogo Accounting Firm

Address: 2-1-3 nihon-bashi Chuo -ku
Urbannet Nihon-bashi 2-chome building 3rd FloorTokyo - Tax Tokyo 103-0027, Japan
Telephone Number: + 81 3 3543 6674


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