Dominican Republic

Occupying the eastern portion of the island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic is the second largest nation in the Caribbean by area, and the third-largest by population. Remarkable for its geographic diversity, more tourists visit the Dominican Republic annually than any other Caribbean country.    

The Dominican Republic boasts the largest economy in the Caribbean and Central America region. The economy is one of the fastest-growing in the Americas.

Growth has been driven chiefly by tourism, construction and mining – though low petrol prices and the country’s employment market also played a role. Remittances from the country’s large diaspora also provides an important source of income. 

Pueblo Viejo, the world’s second largest gold mine, is situated in the Republic’s north central region.

In recent decades, the economy, formerly dominated by agriculture, has diversified to include services, manufacturing and trade. Key products include cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. More traditional products include iron and steel, cement and refined sugar.

The USA is the Republic’s chief trade partner, responsible for 40% of its imports, and receiving around 50% of its exports.

Offering a wide range of integrated services including audit, business advisory, tax advisory and accounting outsourcing, HLB in the Dominican Republic is well placed to serve both local and international clients.

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