Cautiously confident:

China's businesses move forward

HLB Survey of Business Leaders 2021 - China outlook

launching new products and services 53% confident in their own ability to grow 83% rank AI as the top tech priority for future success 50% plan to re-assess their supply chain to source closer to home 91%

Penchant for pandemic-prompted growth

The first to enter and the first to emerge from the worst of the pandemic, China had a ‘headroom’ for an economic rebound. Though timing isn’t the only crucial factor making China’s leaders more optimistic about their business growth prospects and normalisation of economic activity. High infrastructure readiness, digital maturity, timely government support among other factors put local leaders at a better starting position within the new growth cycle as we found in our survey.  

Despite a strong focus on tech-led and growth-oriented initiatives, China-based businesses also recognise that a well-rounded workforce will be crucial to driving innovation in the long-term. Key social imperatives around the diversity and well-being of talent received a high priority on this year’s agenda. Not to mention the local leader’s growing commitment to becoming the world-leading low-carbon and high-growth economy.

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Coco Liu

Chief Regional Officer, Asia Pacific & Head of Global Business Channels


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