HLB Net Zero Report 2022


To mark Zero Emissions Day, we have issued a new report which explores how climate change is impacting business, why it is an issue, and how businesses can rise to this growing challenge.

Powering your innovation engine


HLB’s Survey of Business Leaders 2022 explores the actions CEOs are taking to power innovation and growth, as well as what threats are high on their risk radar.

HLB Sustainability Report 2021


Our sustainability report 2021 provides three-step roadmap to help businesses develop their sustainability strategy and explore the technologies that can help at each stage.

HLB Cybersecurity Report 2021


As we emerge from lockdowns and government restrictions caused by COVID-19, more companies across the globe are adopting hybrid work models. In doing so, CTO’s and IT managers face heightened risks and vulnerabilities from cyber-attacks and data breaches.