Webcast: Leading through a perfect storm

HLB Survey of Business Leaders 2023 key findings panel discussion

Business leaders are facing an expanding array of risks as the "permacrisis" continues. More than half of surveyed leaders felt the effects of inflation, economic uncertainty, geopolitical risks, rising costs, and interest rates. Despite these challenges, 79% remain confident in their organisation's ability to grow revenue in the next 12 months.

HLB CEO, Marco Donzelli is joined by a panel of subject matter experts explored the human side of leadership and what it takes to successfully lead through the perfect storm. They discussed questions around the essential behaviours required by CEOs today, how to connect the dots between purpose beyond financial gain and competitive advantage, and various angles on ESG matters.


Marco Donzelli, HLB Global CEO

Konstantinos Sergakis, Professor of Capital Markets Law and Corporate Governance at the University of Glasgow

Deborah Gilshan, Founder of The 100% Club and advisor on investment stewardship & ESG

Roger Steare, Senior Advisor on People & Culture, Leadership & Learning, Organisational Development, Ethics, Diversity & Inclusion


Lesley Hornung, HLB Global Head of Marketing, Programme lead for the Survey of Business Leaders