Eps 12: Consumer behaviour changes and the response of global businesses

Consumers no longer buy simply on price or brand name -there are now a variety of factors that influence their choices. For global businesses, keeping on top of the latest trends can be a challenge.
Barry Sheldon, President & Chief Operating Officer, Illy Caffe, North America & Jim Bourke, HLB’s Global Technology Advisory & Digital Solutions Service Leader discuss the change in consumer behaviour and how global brands are responding to these challenges.

Eps 10: Why does the world need Cyber Security Awareness Month?

With the number and variation of cyber-attacks continuing to increase, cyber security remains a top concern for business leaders across the globe. On this episode, HLB Chief Innovation Officer Abu Bakkar and Global Technology Advisory Leader Jim Bourke discuss the importance of education and implementation of best practices to minimise cyber security risk.

Eps 9: Blockchain intelligence: A compliance framework for crypto-currency transactions

How is blockchain changing society and the way we do business? Together with HLB’s Patrizio Prospero, HLB CEO Marco Donzelli discusses the societal impact of blockchain technology and regulation around crypto-currency transactions with Giancarlo Russo, Founder of Neutrino and Alessandro Perillo, Innovation Manager at Young Platform.

Eps 6: A profession in transformation: Audit practices are becoming more technology driven and culturally diverse

Julie Carman, Head of Global Strategic Alliances and Digital Transformation for Accountants at Sage and HLB’s Jim Bourke discuss the tech and culture driven evolution of the accounting profession across the globe and how it is creating value for clients.

Eps 4: Why the revision of ISA 540 is creating a more collaborative dialogue between auditors and clients

Bettina Cassegrain, HLB’s Global Assurance Leader and Jennifer Chowhan, Leadership Team Member for HLB’s International Assurance Committee, discuss the importance of the ISA 540 revision and how a new emphasis on professional scepticism will impact and improve accounting estimates.

Eps 2: US-China trade conflict: In every crisis there are always opportunities

Zhenge Zhao, General Representative of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade in the USA and HLB’s Coco Liu, Chief Regional Officer Asia Pacific discuss the trade war between China and the US, the impact on FDI activity between the two economies and the opportunities the current situation presents.


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