HLB Lithuania was established in 1997, and is based in Vilnius, Lithuania’s historic capital. Our team includes 16 qualified specialists, including a team of highly qualified accounting and tax advisors, two certified auditors; two professional accountants; and a forensic expert.

HLB Lithuania

Our auditing team can provide your company with a comprehensive range of world-class services, including: auditing and review of financial statements; auditing of projects financed by the EU and other funds or organisations, and auditing financial statements in accordance with International Auditing Standards (IAS).

Our accounting services include: preparation of accounting records and trial balances; preparation of specific reports according to the needs of the company; calculation of taxes; preparation and submission of tax returns, and preparation and submission of annual financial statements to the management of the company and the Centre of Registers.

In addition, we provide our clients with a range of bookkeeping services, including assessment of accounting and fees; preparation of accounting records and recalculation of fees; preparation of revised financial statements and tax statements for previous periods, and registration as a VAT payer.

We carry out forensic examinations on behalf of the court, and provide specialist advice to lawyers.

Since our foundation, HLB Lithuania has prided itself on investing heavily in the professional development of our employees. Dynamic and forward-thinking; we have a history of innovation, and adapt quickly to changes in the business environment.


HLB Provisus

Address: Kalvariju str. 98
LT-08211 Vilnius, Lithuania
Telephone Number: +370 5 263 87 22 / 698 13859


Our Expertise

  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Bookkeeping
  • Forensic examinations
  • Advisory

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